Lovette™ - Amazing Latte Art Pen

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This Amazing Latte Art Pen provides a brand-new coffee experience.


Set free your Creativity & share it with your loved ones. The Latte Pen has gone viral on the Internet for a good reason!

  • You can design your coffee, cake or pastry without creating a mess or wasting supplies and become an Art Master in a matter of seconds.
  • Pick the Spice of your choice and enhance your coffee to a new Level or write a Message for Family and Friends. 
  • Easy to use, gently press the button of the tool to release the powder inside and start creating your masterpiece!
  • The Latte Art Pen brings limitless possibilities and can also be used for pastries and other foods or drinks. 




Brand New Coffee Experience: Create your own design for you or your loved one's - coffee will surely be exciting

Easy to Control: It is designed like a pen to maximize the control and stability while creating your drawing

Prevents Messy Area: Precise drawings are easily done & no supplies will be wasted

Creative Taste: Try new tasting Variations with different spices and be able to alter the taste of your coffee every day 

Portable Design & Battery powered

Comes in 5 colors!

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